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Welcome to USA FIT!

USA FIT is dedicated to changing lives with group walking and running training programs available nationwide.

Ready to start walking or running, or maybe you want to improve to the next level? A USA FIT program is the place for you!

Why choose us

What makes our program better than others?

The Original

Started in 1989, USA FIT is the originator with almost 30 years of training experience. We’ve impacted thousands of lives!

The Experts in Running & Walking

We know a thing or two about training for a 5K, 10K, 10M, half marathon, 20M, or full marathon. We remove all the guess work out of training, and help more experienced runners improve.

Lots of Perks

USA FIT members enjoy a lot of SWAG! Every chapter varies, but expect to receive a free training shirt, and free or discounted services, food and events! Our sponsors and partners are second to none!

Affordable, Comprehensive Training

USA FIT is a bargain. You'll receive a detailed weekly schedule, group training, personal encouragement and assistance, professional seminars, coaching, SWAG, and more for almost SIX months for less than a dollar a day.

Improved Overall Health

The USA FIT programs foster overall improved health. Members not only receive running and walking training, but also, expert seminars, and stretching and cross training direction.

The Camaraderie

Our members are enthusiastic and it’s contagious! Meet new teammates who may quickly become beloved friends…you’ll be amazed by the support and encouragement you’ll receive from the USA FIT family.

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Read what our clients say

Bob & Janet Howard
USA FIT Cypress, TX
Dave and Judy Carney
USA FIT Temecula, CA
Ingrid Edlund-Berry
USA FIT Austin Walking, TX
Ranjit Bhaskar
USA FIT East Bay, CA
Sylvia Salas-Hinojosa
USA FIT Austin, TX
Becca Lopez
USA FIT East Bay, CA


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