Running Into Heart Health

Is running bad for heart health?  Headlines and theories have run rampant over the last decade but new studies have surfaced that support old theories.  Are proponents for sedentary living finally onto something?  The short answer is a resounding “no”, but the data fueling the studies can’t be entirely ignored.  Pushing yourself to become a […]


Post Run/Walk Nutrition for Maximum Recovery

One of the biggest deterrents for non-athletes when considering pursuing a training program is the fear of post workout pain.  The sore and burning muscles caused by tough exercise are enough to make even the pros grimace; but athletes and their trainers don’t push blindly through this pain without seeking ways to alleviate it.  Scientific […]


Proper Form While Walking

Proper form while walking is not often something people consider when beginning their marathon training.  And because walking is taken for granted as something that people do on a daily basis, it makes it easy to form the assumption that day-to-day walking is no different than marathon walking.   There is a great deal to consider […]