Ways to Perk Up Your Workout

Working out and training can easily become monotonous, but USA Fit has a few great tips to help perk up your workout.   Listen to music. Music post workout has been shown to aid in the muscle reparation process, and it is also a great source of encouragement. Scientists have discovered a metronome aspect to […]


The Reasons why Marathon Coaches are a Game Changer

With an abundant amount of apps and interactive guides available to athletes, many runners and walkers are quick to shy away from a professional coach. While the cost can be intimidating, there are vast advantages to utilizing a professional in the training process.   Coaches are knowledgeable. A coach has a level of expertise that […]

People running in city marathon

What’s New In Fitness News – July Edition

6 Reasons to Lose Weight That Have Nothing To Do With Fitting Into Your Skinny Jeans: Aside from being active solely to accomplish weight loss, there are several other reasons to motivate you to lead an active lifestyle (aside from being a marathon machine of course). Huffington Post’s article outlines several other advantages weight loss can […]