USA FIT is dedicated to changing lives with walking and running group training programs.

Started almost 30 years ago, USA FIT has ~40 chapters that offer expert training methods that have been tested and refined.  Our mission is to provide safe, encouraging training programs that foster personal improvement inside and out.

USA FIT is focused on fitness, well-being and friendship.

  • We have trained tens of thousands of walkers and runners over almost 30 years to accomplish personal goals and finish 5K, 10k, 10M, half-marathons, 20M, and marathons
  • We challenge members to set ambitious personal goals, and encourage them to achieve them
  • We promote camaraderie which often cultivates long-lasting friendships
  • We offer a non-intimidating training environment for those just starting to walk or run
  • We provide advanced training for more experienced runners to improve performance
  • We offer multiple program levels so members can continue their personal journey as they improve over time
  • We encourage personal investment which results in greater overall confidence

Our training programs are based on years of experience, and focus on safely building mileage, and improving overall fitness and confidence over a six-month season. Members follow detailed training schedules independently during the week, and on the weekends they converge for coached group training and educational seminars.