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Too cool to run… without water!

As you fill your dynamic life fully lived, run through it, with water! Make your mess your message-READY, SET, GO! My FuelBelt did not survive my toddler. On race morning, I could not find my FuelBelt, AGAIN. My friend’s babysitter cancelled on race morning; she packed the cooler and pushed her two girls... and my…
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Thyroid madness- Everything you need to know

Thyroid disease has entered the public’s consciousness thanks to an article in the Wall Street Journal. I debated on whether to write a blog about it or let it be.  In the end, I decided it was necessarybecause of the misinformation out there on the topic.  The most important thing when discussing complex issues like…
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Form: How It Feels Is Most Important

It was an endless process. Run a 100-meter stride, walk back and hear this question repeated over and over. These weren’t the words of some uninformed coach or parent trying to fake their way through coaching, they were spoken by Tom Tellez. And when Tom speaks, there’s a reason for the words. As an athlete,…
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