Training Programs

USA FIT offers an array of walking and running programs however, program availability varies at each chapter. Find your chapter and check the website for specific program offerings.

5K & 10K Training Programs

  • Focused on popular shorter distance races – perfect for beginner walkers and runners to establish a firm base before committing to the half-marathon or full marathon distances
  • Also perfect for experienced athletes returning to running
  • A speed 5K/10K program may be available and is designed for the more advanced runner who wants to improve their speed

Walking & Walk-to-Run Training Program

  • Walkers train to complete ALL distances of race lengths (5K, 10K, half marathons and marathons)
  • All levels are welcome to join this lower-intensity training

5/1 Training Program

  • The run/walk training method takes one-minute walk breaks every five minutes
  • Designed to help muscles stay stronger longer, sustain less damage, and thus achieve quicker recovery and stronger finishes
  • 5/1 method breaks large goals into smaller goals and provides the mental edge many walkers and runners need to help them progress

Flagship Half Marathon and Marathon Training Program

  • ALL LEVELS of runners, from beginners to experienced marathoners are grouped by “ability” and train together for 26 weeks for marathon distance or 13 weeks for half marathon distance
    • Some chapters may have half marathon programs that are 26 weeks with a slower “ramp up” schedule
  • Includes weekly weekend group run, plus 3-4 shorter runs/week with training culminating at the target marathon
    • Weekday training includes hill work (where available) and speed work
  • All members receive skilled coaching and support, weekly group meetings, and seminars on running-related topics

Advanced Training Program (ATP)

The Advanced Training Program (ATP) is a one of a kind, highly effective program designed by Dr. Owen Anderson, one of the foremost coaches and researchers in the field of running, in conjunction with USA FIT founder, Denis Calabrese.  It is a high-intensity circuit training program that incorporates (1) special warm ups, (2) general running strength, (3) special strength training exercises, (4) core strengthening, and (5) hills and explosive running training.

  • Designed to create the largest-possible improvements in VO2 max, lactate-threshold running speed, and running economy, as well as running-specific strength and power
  • Targeted training for more experienced half and full marathoners, or less-experienced marathoners interested in making large improvements in their performance
  • Recommendations: to have trained and run a half marathon; 30-mile/week base is ideal
  • Some chapters offer ATP Lite – a similar training method but meets fewer days/week

Team FIT

  • More rigorous half and full marathon training vs. the USA FIT flagship program; requires greater consistency and commitment from the runner
  • Half and full marathon runners of all pace groups are welcome to join however, since the workouts are longer and more intense, runners should have a three-month base before starting to decrease risk for injuries
  • Requirements:
    • Half Marathon distance: be able to do a 4-6 mile long run and run an additional three days/week for 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the season
    • Marathon distance: be able to do a 7-9 mile long run and run an additional three days/week for 30-40 minutes prior to the start of the season
  • Team FIT will offer two coached workouts during the week
  • Members receive a Team FIT singlet

No USA FIT chapter located near you?  Or is your chapter missing a program you want?  Contact us to start a new chapter or program.